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Unified Collective is one of San Diego’s largest and most well respected medical marijuana collectives.  In order to better serve their patients, Unified Collective wanted to create a site that would allow their patients to keep up to date with their stock, specials and events.  We wrote unique, keyword driven content for all of their posts and pages, as well as an entire Medical Marijuana Guide.  Unified Collective’s site has a number of custom features including a comprehensive and database driven menu system, flash homepage display, contact forms, Twitter/Facebook integration, Google maps location display and rich graphics throughout the site.

The menu system developed for Unified Collective is what makes this site stand out amongst the hundreds of other collectives in the area.  Through a custom administration interface the staff at Unified is able to add, delete, edit, feature and mark items as in or out of stock.  Through this easy-to-use administrative interface they are also able to upload photos and add descriptions to their items.  They have complete control over what products are shown, and what information their patients and the web visitors can see.  The menu keeps track of their stock in real time, and inside of the collective are 4 display screens which show their menu items and pricing (this replaced a whiteboard setup they used to have in place).  The menu system we developed and utilized for Unified Collective is robust, customizable and scalable enough to be used for any business or retail application with a need for a products database and/or menu.