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Jacks You Up wanted a simple, clean e-commerce website through which to sell their height increasing shoe insoles. We really wanted the focus of the site to be on the products, so we kept the layout very basic, yet modern. Oftentimes, a major reason why a sale is not completed is due to the visitor not being sure how to add an item to the cart or checkout. We wanted to make this process as easy as possible, so we placed highly visible “Add to Cart” buttons on each page.

In addition to having the option to add to cart from any page on the site, the visitor is always aware of what items have been placed into their cart by referring to the sidebar along the right hand side. PayPal was chosen by our clients as the payment gateway, and this payment process opens in a new window so as to not take visitors away from the site. The client wanted the option to add a product to the cart available on each page, as well as the shopping cart to be displayed in the sidebar – letting the customer know what they already picked up. We integrated PayPal as the payment gateway to allow customers to have either the option to use PayPal or their credit card. We worked with the client to develop an appealing layout, and built the site so that if more products are added in the future it is easily extensible.

For this project we also provided photography services for their products and image editing.