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Aircakes needed a visually stunning website to showcase their handmade goodness, and give people outside of Austin, Texas the ability to purchase their baked products. The centerpiece of the site is the rich visual display, rotating through a series of products – which can be easily changed, modified and updated by the client. All of the products are visible on the homepage itself, and you can also access them via the category links across the top. We wanted people visiting the site to feel as though they could actually smell and taste the decadent deliciousness, no matter where their location. The site is organized so that each available product can be easily found from the homepage, with specials/holiday offerings located prominently.

In addition to a graphically rich site, Aircakes also needed a simple shopping cart for visitors to purchase her goods for delivery. Using PayPal, visitors to Aircakes are able to purchase their delicious desserts online, and have them shipped directly to their door.

Aircakes has a custom contact form, as well as a form through which customers can submit their order requests.

Additional site development is planned for this client and will include the incorporation of social media sharing/following, blog posts and how-to videos/tutorials.