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Dog Liability Insurance is a non-discriminatory insurance company focusing on providing policies to dog owners. As a new business, they needed to create a web identity and establish themsevles. We handled all aspects of branding and website creation for this project, creating a new logo for the business and creating an identity for the business.

Navigation for visitors is made easy through the use of custom menus. Visitors to the homepage are greeted with a large, imformative graphic image slider, letting them instantly know what types of services Dog Liability Insurance proves. Site visitors are given the immediate ability to either contact Erock Insurance or browse the website for more.

Custom contact forms for the Get A Quote page and Contact Us page were created, and email notifications are sent instantly to the website owner and person submitting the form. The form submission information is also stored within the website’s database for future reference, use and exporting.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration provide daily insight on entrance pages, content traffic, and visitor data.