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Dr. Russ Fuller Energy Psychologist

Dr. Russell Fuller, a clinical psychologist, has been helping people to live more authentic, purposeful lives for over fifteen years. He uses a mind-body-spirit approach to help clients identify and release negative patterns and beliefs so they can achieve their goals and live the life they desire.

Dr. Fuller assists persons in emerging from the morass of confusion, unhappiness, disconnection and lack of purpose which plague so many Americans in order to live a more fulfilling, authentic life. He uses a number of therapeutic approaches to assist his patients including Energy Psychology, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy and other modalities such as yoga therapy, tapas acupressure techniques and more.

Dr. Fuller came to Design SEO Hosting because he wanted an updated appearance on the web. He also wanted to begin blogging and building his social networks through an updated website.

Our main goal for this project was to give Dr. Fuller a clean and professional website, focusing on his expertise as a skilled Energy Psychologist. The site was structured to serve as an information portal through which visitors interested in clinical psychology and/or energy psychology could obtain knowledge and make contact. Focus was placed on creating an intuitive, friendly user experience for visitors, allowing easy access to top level navigation, contact information, social identities and blog posts.

The design aesthetic for the site was created around an holistic, whole mind-body-spirit approach to healing. Dr. Fuller’s existing logo was incorporated into the site, and layout, colors and other features were chosen based on the existing logo.

Custom contact forms were created to obtain information from both new patients and existing patients. The blog section allows Dr. Fuller to regularly add fresh content to the website in the form of video, images, text, power point presentations, etc. After a one hour WordPress tutorial Dr. Fuller felt capable of managing, manipulating and curating the website content on his own.

Included in this website package was a Website SEO Package, and the data gathered through the SEO analysis phase was used to build the content framework for the website. The site makes use of search engine optimized organizational practices including custom URLs, page titles, categories and more.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools were included in this website package, and give Dr. Fuller information on visitor traffic and a variety of other statistics.