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Over the past few years, WordPress has blossomed into a full featured Content Management System (CMS) powerful enough to create sites for everyone from your local dentist to CNN. WordPress is a free, open source CMS. The price makes it cost effective to you as a customer, and because it is open source, there is a large community of developers working non-stop on the project to create unique features and maintain security. These plugins, widgets and applications created by WordPress developers make your website highly customizable, without the inflated cost of hiring a coder to create a custom E-Commerce or photo gallery software for you site.

Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows for seamless integration with social media including Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. WordPress is also optimized for SEO, which means more people will find your content on the web. By using WordPress you can choose how much control you want over the future updates and management of your site. We offer a variety of WordPress Website Support Packages. If you want a WordPress tutorial and individualized lesson on how to manage your WordPress site on your own after it is created, we’re ok with that too.