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omnisafe-websiteOmniSafe manufactures fittings that works to prevent torque from being transferred to the glands and metal gasket. OmniSafe fittings are used in a variety of industrial applications including: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Nuclear, Aerospace and Test Devices – such as Gas Spectrometers & Leak Check Equipment.

OmniSafe came to us with a desire to update their web presence. They needed a site that would showcase their unique product, as well as its varied applications.

We first analyzed the existing website content and developed a migration strategy. A new layout for the site was developed, which both showcases their many awards, case studies and accolades as well as technical information on the product.

We built a WordPress based website for OmniSafe, which they will be able to manage and update in-house (as opposed to their previous HTML based website). Their existing logo was updated with fresh typography and colors, and the rest of the site was designed around the logo.

A variety of rich media in the form of written content, pdfs, powerpoint documents, video and images were added to the site. A simple navigation menu gives visitors the ability to browse the site easily.