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RestorMedicine is the Naturopathic Medical Practice of Dr. Nicola McFadzean.  Located in San Diego, California, Dr. McFadzean is a holistic N.D. that was looking to enhance her web presence, begin blogging and incorporate social media.

Dr. McFadzean wanted to create a site that would both contain useful information for her patients, while reaching out to others on the web interested in natural approaches to health.  The RestorMedicine site features drop-down page and category navigation, featured post boxes and ad blocks, custom contact forms, Google map integration and newsletter sign-up functionality.

One of the major goals of this project was to create an intelligent content structure that would allow Dr. McFadzean to create blogs on a regular basis without making the site feel “bloated”. Using SEO research and an in-depth analysis of her niche, we developed a framework for the site that gives visitors the ability to experience the site in a number of different ways through categories, posts, tags or suggested posts.

Social media integration on the site gives Dr. McFadzean the ability to automatically update Facebook and Twitter when a new blog post is published. Visitors to the site also have one-click access to the Facebook page and other identities.