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YBI Health

Youngblood International, Inc. is a San Diego based integrative medical facility offering whole health care from the inside out. They are a new practice needing establish a presence on the web and encourage visitors to connect with ease. We designed the website, using the logo file provided as inspiration, to focus on the three ... Read More

Hally George

Hally George came to Design SEO Hosting wishing to establish a web presence and online portfolio for her fine art paintings. The design for the site is clean and minimalist with the focus solely on Hally’s art. For the art gallery, we created an interactive element - allowing the paintings to be sorted by different ... Read More

Evolution Acupuncture

Evolution Acupuncture's Jared Andersen approached us to have a website designed and created, as well as basic logo design for his San Diego, CA acupuncture practice. We worked with Jared to determine the best design aesthetic for his logo, which was then translated into the website itself. As an established acupuncture and holistic health practice, ... Read More

Riley Care Ambulance

Riley Care is a San Diego, CA ambulance company that provides transport for patients to/from homes, hospitals, etc. Riley Care contacted Design SEO Hosting as a new business that wanted to establish an identity and presence on the web. Using an existing logo provided by Riley Care, we designed a website and created a ... Read More

Life Insurance Experts

The goal of Life Insurance Experts is to be an information resource for people who've already purchased life insurance and/or are looking to purchase additional coverage. The site is a collection of articles designed to help inform consumers on how to make the right decision when selecting a policy, as well as offer expertise in ... Read More

Affair With The Divine

M.L. Curry is an author and has written Affair with the Divine, a very personal account exploring the dichotomy of pleasure and joy as she experienced through the passing of her husband. The book ultimately invites readers to open their hearts and minds to a greater view of perception. M.L. is requesting an updated, more ... Read More

Brightness Within

Kimba Buske, CMT, has been well known for her skill with deep, therapeutic bodywork using meridians and acupoints to increase the effectiveness of her detailed work. The intention is to remove all the blockages in the muscle tissue as well as get the energy flowing to leave the person feeling loose and revitalized. Kimba came to ... Read More

Rego Law

Rego Law is the San Diego, CA law office of Joseph Rego, providing representation in the practice areas of: Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Defense, Immigration Issues, Family Law and Real Estate Law in the San Diego area and beyond. Their goal is to facilitate their clients’ legal needs with realistic results, at an affordable price for ... Read More

Little People Life Insurance

The main goal of this project was to design a simple website to showcase the life insurance offerings available for little people. The website gives interested clients instant access to information on the life insurance policies offered, as well as the ability to contact the insurance company directly for a quote. The get a ... Read More

The InSlider

The InSlider is a San Diego, CA gourmet food truck serving sliders and sides. The Inslider came to us as a new business that wanted to establish a brand identity and presence on the web. Design SEO Hosting designed and developed The InSlider's website, integrating the design aesthetics and characteristics of the existing graphic design ... Read More

My Life Lender

The main goal of this project was to establish a web presence for Maureen Martin's home loan and lending business. She had previously built a WordPress website, but had not updated it in over a year. We migrated her existing content from her previous WordPress site, and started with a fresh design, layout and content ... Read More

Aclarity Systems

The Aclarity Systems project was a Joomla to WordPress migration, which involved a complete redesign of the Aclarity Systems website to enhance it for search through both paid and passive search engine marketing channels. Using design aesthetics suggested by Aclarity, we created the design and structure for the website around the existing logo. The site ... Read More


OmniSafe manufactures fittings that works to prevent torque from being transferred to the glands and metal gasket. OmniSafe fittings are used in a variety of industrial applications including: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Nuclear, Aerospace and Test Devices – such as Gas Spectrometers & Leak Check Equipment. OmniSafe came to us with a desire to update their web presence. ... Read More

Dr. Russell Fuller

Dr. Russell Fuller, a clinical psychologist, has been helping people to live more authentic, purposeful lives for over fifteen years. He uses a mind-body-spirit approach to help clients identify and release negative patterns and beliefs so they can achieve their goals and live the life they desire. Dr. Fuller assists persons in emerging from the morass ... Read More


CocktailSmith is a craft cocktail consulting firm providing its clients with customized ideas and recipes for every special occasion. CocktailSmith creates packages and beverage planning services unique to each event's theme and ambiance. Timothy Smith, the founder of CocktailSmith, needed a website that showcased his firm's dedication to detail, and their commitment to making memorable, ... Read More

Quicklaunch Inc

Quicklaunch Inc is hoping to change the future of travel to space. Their goal is to create a propellant delivery system to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) at less than 10% of the current cost using hydrogen gun launchers. The Quicklaunch team came to us to update and enhance their existing presence on the web. This project ... Read More

Water Station

Water Station is a 501 C3 non-profit organization with one simple goal - to prevent people from dying of heat and dehydration while crossing the Southern California desert areas in the hot summer months.   Water Station approached us because they needed an updated web presence that would give visitors the ability to: Find out when volunteer events ... Read More

Staying Classy

Staying Classy is a curated, local perspective on San Diego. Staying Classy is a personal project of Mandie, a Design SEO Hosting Co-Founder. The Staying Classy site is a heavily modified template, and is built on the WordPress framework for both ease of managing content and SEO strength. The entire site was developed and designed by ... Read More

New Mindful Life

New Mindful Life is a San Diego based therapy practice with a focus on mindfulness based therapeutic techniques. By approaching therapy from a mindfulness-based perspective, and incorporating behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches, sessions and courses can be tailored to the specific needs of each client, group or organization. Dr. Rochelle Voth, Owner and Clinical Director of New ... Read More

Wagner Legal Group

Wagner Legal Group (WLG) is a Los Angeles area law firm practicing in the areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Litigation, Employment, Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Trust and Estates. Their Firm is dedicated to providing each of their clients with the personal care and attention to detail they deserve, and they needed ... Read More

Datalog Engineering

Datalog Engineering, Inc. offers high-quality technical solutions in the telecommunications engineering and permitting industry. Located in San Diego, CA, Datalog needed a website that conveyed a professional look and feel, while informing potential, current and past clients of the varied services they offer. The homepage of the website contains a featured slider, showcasing some of ... Read More

Dog Liability Insurance

Dog Liability Insurance is a non-discriminatory insurance company focusing on providing policies to dog owners. As a new business, they needed to create a web identity and establish themsevles. We handled all aspects of branding and website creation for this project, creating a new logo for the business and creating an identity for ... Read More

Smiling Vibrations

Smiling Vibrations is a dual-purpose site with a common goal - to share smiles! Smiling Vibrations founder, Sarah Tucci, wanted to have a modern, clean site through which she could showcase and sell her handmade belts, as well as interact with friends/family/web surfers on her latest travels and adventures. We began be creating a logo ... Read More

Pet Friendly Communities

Pet Friendly Communities is a site that connects both residents and landlords/property managers who understand that a pet is part of the family and non-negotiable. The main goal of this project was to create a site through which renters with pets and landlords willing to rent to pet owners could create searchable profiles. ... Read More

Thrive Acupuncture

The main goal of this project for Thrive Acupuncture Center was to create a clean, professional website with easy navigation for site visitors. We wanted to create a comprehensive informational portal through which potential, current and past patients could obtain information about the practice, read articles, keep up to date on news and/or contact ... Read More

Southbay Therapist, Ruth Schriebman

Ruth Schriebman is a Redondo Beach, CA therapist specializing in the needs of suicide victim survivors, as well as cancer patients and their family members. She is a Licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Thanatologist offering general therapy services for couples counseling, depression, anxiety and other concerns. The main goal of ... Read More

Lu Dawkins Landscapes

Lu Dawkins Landscapes is a Philadelphia area landscaping company offering a variety of outdoor services. As a relatively new business, Lu Dawkins Landscapes needed to establish a professional presence on the web. It was important for them to have a website they could both manage in house and update as needed without incurring ... Read More

Simple Iron Truth

Simple Iron Truth started out with a simple Tumblr site a few years ago. As Simple Iron Truth grew, the site's owner began looking for a platform with more extensibility (you guessed it - this is where Design SEO Hosting + WordPress came in). The Simple Iron Truth site was Tumblr to WordPress ... Read More

Mystic Water Kava Bar and Yoga Studio

Located in San Diego's North Park neighborhood, Mystic Water Kava Bar and Yoga Studio wanted a site that would give them a web presence and keep their followers informed of upcoming events, workshops and classes. It was important for them to be able to perform updates in house, as well as have the ability ... Read More

Superhero Snacks

Superhero Snacks is on a mission to save the earth from junk food! At Superhero Snacks the focus is on local, sustainable and organic kale chips. Each batch of Cosmic Crunchies Kale Chips is made fresh in small batches, every single day. Their commitment to quality, sustainability and supporting the local Santa ... Read More


Insurance4Couples was created for a local, San Diego insurance company specializing in insurance policies for gay couples. They wanted a site that would convey their anti-discriminatory stance, as well as provide information for anyone interested in insurance policies. The home page of the side is equipped with a slider showing their most searched ... Read More

Einhorn Insurance

Einhorn Insurance serves all of California with a variety of insurance products including: Auto, Home, Life, All Dog Breeds, Business, Fire/Brush, Family Boaters and Off Road Vehicle. When they came to us they already had a website with a Content Management System in place (CMS), but wanted to rebuild using the WordPress platform for ... Read More


Aircakes needed a visually stunning website to showcase their handmade goodness, and give people outside of Austin, Texas the ability to purchase their baked products. The centerpiece of the site is the rich visual display, rotating through a series of products - which can be easily changed, modified and updated by the client. ... Read More

Jacks You Up

Jacks You Up wanted a simple, clean e-commerce website through which to sell their height increasing shoe insoles. We really wanted the focus of the site to be on the products, so we kept the layout very basic, yet modern. Oftentimes, a major reason why a sale is not completed is due ... Read More

Vista Home Chat

Vista Home Chat is the website of San Diego Realtor, Daisy Johnson. Daisy has successfully completed hundreds real estate transactions, and is recognized for her high customer satisfaction ratings. Daisy understands the unique needs of her clients, and knew she needed a website that provided something "more" to suit their individual needs. ... Read More

Plant People

Plant People Inc. is a local, San Diego based interior plantscaping company that has been family owned and operated for 10 years. Plant People takes great pride in being a family oriented business dedicated to being a pesticide free company using only the safest products for the installation and maintenance of your plants using ... Read More

DJ Ramsey the Great

DJ Ramsey is a premiere DJ and Video Remixer based in San Diego, California. A resident DJ at a number of venues in the San Diego area, he has also traveled to Miami, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and NYC to perform.  DJ Ramsey wanted to create a user-friendly site that would showcase the ... Read More

Unified Collective

Unified Collective is one of San Diego's largest and most well respected medical marijuana collectives.  In order to better serve their patients, Unified Collective wanted to create a site that would allow their patients to keep up to date with their stock, specials and events.  We wrote unique, keyword driven content for all of their ... Read More

Heart Handmade Blog

Heart Handmade Blog is a website for crafters and craft enthusiasts.  This is a simple blog-based site that displays user generated content.  By filling out a custom "featured crafter" form, a post for each crafter is created and sent for review by the website administrator.  Once the submission is approved, the post is then displayed ... Read More

BP Oil Spill

Both and are information aggregations engines showing the latest news surrounding the BP oil spill off the Gulf Coast.  This site was designed to be a simple, user friendly interface both graphically and administratively.  On the back end the administrator has access to both post syndicated stories from other news source and to ... Read More


RestorMedicine is the Naturopathic Medical Practice of Dr. Nicola McFadzean.  Located in San Diego, California, Dr. McFadzean is a holistic N.D. that was looking to enhance her web presence, begin blogging and incorporate social media.  Dr. McFadzean wanted to create a site that would both contain useful information for her patients, while reaching out to ... Read More

6 Keys Pilates

6 Keys Pilates is a classical pilates studio located in Philadelphia, PA.  As a new business, owner Jennifer Cybulski wanted to establish a web presence that would allow potential clients to obtain all the information they would need prior to attending a pilates class or private lesson.  The site was designed with local SEO optimization ... Read More

Finest City PC Repair

Finest City PC Repair is a San Diego based computer repair provider that was looking to update their website aesthetics, while increasing their company's visibility on the web.  Built with SEO in mind, Finest City PC Repair's website has custom content, and enhanced SEO features.  Finest City PC Repair's site also has a high level ... Read More

This Mob Blows

This Mob Blows is a niche skateboarding related website.  This site is optimized for maximum visibility within the skateboarding niche, and is laid out to appear, read and feel as though you are paging through a magazine.  This Mob Blows allows readers to submit their own footage, as well as comment on footage/images on the ... Read More

Dog Knee Injury

Dog Knee Injury is a personal site of Mandie's (co-founder of Design SEO Hosting LLC), and it is a niche website dedicated to assisting dog owners facing knee injuries and surgery.  Dog Knee Injury is fully SEO optimized, and ranks highly for many keywords relating to knee injuries in all breeds of dog.  The site ... Read More

Reflective Vibrations

Looking for a way beyond traditional advertising, sound healer Ziowahki Ohmz wanted to reach a broader audience.  Ziowahki's website, Reflective Vibrations, provides dual functionality for both his business providing sound therapy sessions, and as an online store front for selling custom, hand made didgeridoos.  The Reflective Vibrations website has a fully functional store, custom contact ... Read More

Save A Bull

Save A Bull is another personal website of Mandie (co-founder of Design SEO Hosting) and is a site focused on advocacy and educating the public about bully breed dogs.  As a bully breed owner, Mandie uses this site as a platform to discuss bully breed related news, issues and other canine topics such as health, ... Read More

RCIVIP – Timeshare Help Resource

RCIVIP is a personal site of Mandie's (co-founder of Design SEO Hosting LLC) which is a timeshare help resource.  This site was created specifically with SEO in mind, and through detailed keyword research, analysis and custom content creation, RCIVIP ranks in the top 10 Google organic listings for many timeshare terms.  RCIVIP is truly a ... Read More