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Web Design

More and more, your website is the first thing people see that are interested in your business. It needs to look good, have a high level of functionality and grab the attention of your visitors.

We want your visitors to be inspired to take action. Our focus is on clear, crisp and striking designs alongside intuitive navigation.

We take the time to get to know you, and the type of website you want to represent your brand.

Our Web Design Process

  1. Planning
  2. To build your web presence in the most efficient way possible we need to know who you are. Before beginning work on any project we meet with you to discuss every aspect of your business from your target market to your design preferences. Different businesses have different website needs. For example, someone who whose main objective is to sell houses needs a different website layout than someone that runs a rehabilitation center for the elderly. Based on the needs of your audience we can better determine the types of images, fonts, colors, buttons and other aesthetics to use.

    We will go through each detail of what information needs to be included on the site. Based on this information we are able to create a site that meets both your needs and the needs of your visitors.

  3. Design
  4. We will design a site based on your needs and preferences. Design for the site will complement and highlight your products and services, not overshadow them. We will work with any existing branding and collateral you have. If needed, a logo will also be designed for you at this time.

    Our main goal in web design is to create websites that give visitors easy access to the information they are searching for – whether that be your contact information or articles you’ve written. By understanding your audience we can create a friendly user experience that will encourage them to come back and spread the word.

  5. SEO/Marketing
  6. Each website we build comes with a number of standard, WordPress-based SEO enhancements. These “SEO Standards” include: SEO Friendly Framework and URLS, Dynamically Generated HTML Sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Automated XML Sitemap Generation and Submission (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and Keyword Rich Images Alt & Title Tags.

    We also offer an optional, but highly recommended, search engine optimization package DSH Search Engine Optimization Package, which provides the data to be used for the website to begin capturing search engine traffic more effectively. New search engine traffic leads will be uncovered and targeted based on the terms that search engine users are actually searching for related to your business niche.

    Without keyword research, the site will be built based on keywords you suggest, not based on keywords which have been researched and found to attract traffic. Search engine optimization research may be done at any time, and the website will be built in such a way that the addition and editing of content in the future may be done with ease to help enhance SEO efforts.

  7. Development
  8. All of the development of your website will take place off the web in the Design SEO Hosting development environment. This is done to ensure that everything is properly configured and structured before launching.

    During this phase your website really begins to take shape. Content in the format of text, video, images and audio are added. Contact forms and custom data submission forms are created. Any custom functionality, such as plugins, is coded and integrated. Refinements and enhancements to the design of your site are made.

    While still on the development server, once the site has been completed you will be given access to review the site and request changes.

  9. Testing
  10. We perform a variety of tests to ensure everyone viewing your website has the same experience.

    In addition to cross browser testing (IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome), we also validate our code to ensure we are following accepted standards.

  11. Launch
  12. Once you’ve approved the website, we will publish it live to the web. You have the option of hosting your website with Design SEO Hosting or a web host of your choice – we can recommend a provider for you if you are unsure.

  13. Maintenance
  14. Having a WordPress website is powerful. You will have the ability to easily edit, manipulate and add content. The use of plugins extend the capabilities of WordPress to allow you to incorporate advanced features like e-commerce, invoicing, memberships, email signups, and more without high development costs.

    Along with this power and flexibility comes responsibility. You will need to continue to maintain your website and update key pieces including WordPress core, theme and plugins. Backing up your website on a nightly or weekly basis is an important aspect of maintaining security.

    How you choose to manage your website into the future is up to you. We offer WordPress training for those that wish to support and manage their website on their own. If you prefer to have us handle your site for you, we offer affordable full service maintenance and support packages.

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