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SEO San Diego

What would it be worth for your business to be ranked at the top of the Google search results for your number one search term?

Many SEO companies can’t give you a straight answer. We can tell you exactly how much it is worth. In the example below, according to Google, the "Home Care" keyword is worth over $100 a day in the San Francisco Market, and every single click is worth $8.41. By Google’s own metrics the ranking below that we achieved is worth over $3000 a month.


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ROI – Is SEO Worth It?

When SEO is done correctly, it’s worth every penny. How much would you pay to have hundreds of qualified leads coming to your website every day? To advertise in a local newspaper or a magazine costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. How much better can your website sell to potential customers than a little magazine ad? Remember, your website only sells to customers who see it. Search Engine Optimization is about getting qualified leads looking at your website and contacting you to purchase your product or service.

SEO Is Simple

The key to successful Search Engine Optimization is identifying which search terms will make your company the most money and then optimizing your site so it ranks for those terms in Google. There are 3 parts to successful SEO.

  1. Researching which search terms qualified buyers use when looking for a product or service like yours.
  2. Optimizing your website to rank for those search terms.
  3. Building links to your website on other websites all over the internet so that you can rank above your competitors for profitable search terms.

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Design SEO Hosting provides a complete solution for you to attain top rankings.

  1. We do extensive keyword research finding hundreds of potential high value keywords for your business and ranking their value using dozens of metrics.
  2. We then do a complete audit of your existing site. We explain how to modify your content, site structure, and page titles so that you can take advatage of the high value search terms your potential cutomers are using. If you like, we are happy to make these modifications for you.
  3. Finally, we will build links to your site from websites all over the internet so that you can rank first for your key search terms.

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