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SEO+ Package

Our SEO+ Package is a one-time setup that creates a solid, search engine friendly framework for your existing WordPress website.

The SEO+ Package installs and configures the most useful and efficient SEO plugins for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO Help

Included with this package is an audit and configuration analysis of your site; keyword research is not included in this package.

SEO+ Package Includes:

  • Template Audit to Ensure Title Markup is SEO Optimized
  • Optimizing the Blog Headings to Include h2-h6 Tags
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools to Track Your Rankings
  • Configure SEO Optimization Plugin
  • Configure XML Sitemap
  • Disable Duplicate Archives in XML Sitemap
  • Configure HTML Sitemap
  • Configure Robots.txt
  • Audit RSS feeds
  • Audit Pagination
  • Link Structure Analysis
  • Audit/Remove Duplicate Content
  • Addition of Widget to Link to Social Media Profiles

Cost: $499

These services and implementation of these features are not guaranteed to give you higher rankings, but lays out the proper framework upon which to layer the correct keywords/content.