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SEO Monthly Packages

We offer monthly SEO packages to help you stay on top of the rankings.

Each SEO package is tailored for the specific product or niche, so please contact us for more information or a free SEO estimate.

SEO Packages Include:

  • Defined Keyword Focus (Local – in most cases)
  • Creation or Maintenance of Optimized Pages/Landing Pages
  • Keyword Reporting to Track Performance
  • Suggested Blog Posts – Title, URL, Description, Category and Tag Recommendations
  • Link Building
  • Interactions Worksheet – Shows metrics for social interactions/contacts/etc.
  • Blog Articles Written
  • Analytics Reports and Conversion Tracking

We also offer consulting and custom packages for the following:

  • Keyword Selection and Optimization Consulting
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • SEO and Content Strategy Consulting
  • Copywriting, Publishing, Editing and Media Creation
  • Social Media and Branding
  • WordPress e-Commerce Store Optimization