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Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is an umbrella term referring to any practice related to managing, creating and delivering content.

Content Strategy is not just about writing, it includes aspects of user experience, search engine optimization, content analysis and information architecture. When done correctly, a Content Strategy is something that is reusable and allows you to easily, consistently create and deploy informative, highly relevant content.

What are some aspects of Content Strategy?

The content of your site includes the text, audio, links, images, videos and everything else that conveys meaning on your site. A Content Strategist’s role is to establish processes that enables content to be created, managed, disseminated and absorbed in an effective, efficient manner.

Do I need to be concerned with Content Strategy?

Short answer – Yes.

In the wake of exponential growth, the internet is filled with billions of pages of worthless, duplicated and nonsensical content. Content matters, and EVERYTHING on your site is content from your navigation menu to blog posts themselves. It’s important for your business to understand the need for not only publishing quality content, but making sure that content is easily understood by both humans and search engines alike.

How can Design SEO Hosting help me with Content Strategy?

We can assist you with all aspects of the content management, creation and curation process. We’ll work with you closely to develop an effective, sustainable plan that intelligently utilizes your resources.

Because of the great amount of variation across businesses and niches, each Content Strategy Package is custom.

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