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Responsive Design vs. Mobile Websites

It’s no secret that the number of people accessing the web from mobile phones and tablets is growing exponentially. Is your website optimized for this kind of traffic? What is Responsive Design? Responsive Design is a term coined by Ethan Marcotte which refers... Read More

YBI Health

Youngblood International, Inc. is a San Diego based integrative medical facility offering whole health care from the inside out. They are a new practice needing establish a presence on the web and encourage visitors to connect with ease. We designed the website, using... Read More

Hally George

Hally George came to Design SEO Hosting wishing to establish a web presence and online portfolio for her fine art paintings. The design for the site is clean and minimalist with the focus solely on Hally’s art. For the art gallery, we created an interactive element... Read More

Evolution Acupuncture

Evolution Acupuncture’s Jared Andersen approached us to have a website designed and created, as well as basic logo design for his San Diego, CA acupuncture practice. We worked with Jared to determine the best design aesthetic for his logo, which was then... Read More

Riley Care Ambulance

Riley Care is a San Diego, CA ambulance company that provides transport for patients to/from homes, hospitals, etc. Riley Care contacted Design SEO Hosting as a new business that wanted to establish an identity and presence on the web. Using an existing logo provided... Read More

Life Insurance Experts

The goal of Life Insurance Experts is to be an information resource for people who’ve already purchased life insurance and/or are looking to purchase additional coverage. The site is a collection of articles designed to help inform consumers on how to make the... Read More

Affair With The Divine

M.L. Curry is an author and has written Affair with the Divine, a very personal account exploring the dichotomy of pleasure and joy as she experienced through the passing of her husband. The book ultimately invites readers to open their hearts and minds to a greater... Read More

Brightness Within

Kimba Buske, CMT, has been well known for her skill with deep, therapeutic bodywork using meridians and acupoints to increase the effectiveness of her detailed work. The intention is to remove all the blockages in the muscle tissue as well as get the energy flowing to... Read More

Rego Law

Rego Law is the San Diego, CA law office of Joseph Rego, providing representation in the practice areas of: Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Defense, Immigration Issues, Family Law and Real Estate Law in the San Diego area and beyond. Their goal is to facilitate their... Read More

Little People Life Insurance

The main goal of this project was to design a simple website to showcase the life insurance offerings available for little people. The website gives interested clients instant access to information on the life insurance policies offered, as well as the ability to... Read More