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The main goal of this project for Thrive Acupuncture Center was to create a clean, professional website with easy navigation for site visitors. We wanted to create a comprehensive informational portal through which potential, current and past patients could obtain information about the practice, read articles, keep up to date on news and/or contact the practice directly. The Thrive Acupuncture site uses a WordPress-based content management system, which can be easily edited and updated as needed.

The design and site creation for Thrive Acupuncture was drawn from a quote our client provided which reads, “Thrive Acupuncture Center believes that your body was born with all of the medicine that it will ever need. ” Keeping that main principle of Oriental Medicine in mind, we wanted to create a calm, relaxing and highly information-driven site to enable visitors to easily find and access information that may assist them on their journey toward health (all while enjoying the scenery).

The homepage is set up to be an overview of the many therapies offered at Thrive Acupuncture Center, with a slider in the center to draw attention to featured services. Each of the images in the slider is click-able, leading the visitor to a page with more information on that particular therapy.

Top menu navigation and additional sidebar content are available on each page of the website. The sidebar widget contains a MailChimp powered newsletter signup form, giving visitors the option to receive updates from Thrive Acupuncture Center.

Custom contact forms were integrated into this site both on the New Patients and Contact Us pages. These contact forms are configured to alert Thrive Acupuncture Center when a new inquiry is received, as well as email the form submitter additional details regarding their submission.

All articles are organized into a blog section within the site, and all items posted in this section are automatically sent to Facebook and Twitter as updates – encouraging a social connection with visitors, and keeping them updated. MailChimp email marketing was configured for the client, and an email list signup area is located in the sidebar.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration will provide daily insight on entrance pages, content traffic, and visitor data.