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Pet Friendly Communities is a site that connects both residents and landlords/property managers who understand that a pet is part of the family and non-negotiable. The main goal of this project was to create a site through which renters with pets and landlords willing to rent to pet owners could create searchable profiles. In addition to the profiles, the site also contains pages of informational resources related to pet friendly topics, and a blog section.

Prior to building the Pet Friendly Communities site, keyword research was performed to uncover what keywords to target within the pet friendly niche. With this information we then laid out the framework for the site, building from a solid, SEO-friendly base.

Graphic design preferences were discussed with the client and included images, layout, colors, typography, etc. Design SEO Hosting created the Pet Friendly Communities logo according to client specifications, and the aesthetics for the site are complementary to the logo.

On the homepage, the purpose of the site is made clear, and visitors have the immediate ability to click one of two top right buttons for more information on their situation. A custom, top navigation menu is also located on the homepage, and this same menu appears on every page throughout the site. Below the menu is a custom rental property search query box. Through this box renters looking for properties can search the available listings using different options including accommodation type, price range and desired area. Custom search is also available through the use of a text and numeric search box.

Custom, multi-page submission forms were created for both renters and property listings. These forms each contain a variety of enhanced form functionality including photo uploading, contact information submission and more. After submitting the required information, the renter and property profiles are published immediately to the site where they can be accessed and searched.

Pages to display submitted information were created for both renter profiles and property profiles, and each displays the form data submitted. On these pages, the ability to contact a renter or property owner directly can be accomplished through various means

Polling functionality is included on the site, and users are directed to an optional poll upon completion of either a renter or property profile. A MailChimp email marketing account was set up by Design SEO Hosting, and email newsletter signups are enabled on the site. Using the email signup widget on the website, visitors can keep up to date on the latest Pet Friendly Communities news and events.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration will provide daily insight on entrance pages, content traffic, and visitor data including how many people are visiting your site, what they are spending their time reading and other detailed statistics. Automated sitemap generation is enabled, and will keeps the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – updated on the latest website content.