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Smiling Vibrations is a dual-purpose site with a common goal – to share smiles! Smiling Vibrations founder, Sarah Tucci, wanted to have a modern, clean site through which she could showcase and sell her handmade belts, as well as interact with friends/family/web surfers on her latest travels and adventures.

We began be creating a logo for the Smiling Vibrations brand, and creating the site in line with those same aesthetics using bright and vibrant colors throughout the site.

The shop section of the site is tied both to the blog and a simple PayPal, eCommerce shopping cart. The shopping cart widget appears on each page of the site, letting the visitor know at all times what items are in their cart. One-click checkout redirects the buyer to complete their purchase through PayPal, bringing them back to the Smiling Vibrations website once their transaction has been completed.

The addition and editing of items on the back-end by the client is as simple as entering data into two form fields, assigning the correct category and creating a post. The ease of entry gives the client the flexibility to frequently change products and prices, as well as add new products quickly.

The blog, in addition to its integration with the shopping cart and products, is set up to act as a news/sharing resource for the client as she travels. After a basic, one hour WordPress tutoring session the client was able to effectively manage the content contained within the site without any additional assistance.

There are two custom data submission forms on the Smiling Vibrations site. The first form is a simple contact form, which emails the site owner directly when an inquiry is received. The second data submission form is for creating a handmade belt. This form gives site visitors interested in having a belt made the ability to share their ideas with Smiling Vibrations and upload the photos they’d like included on the belt.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration will provide daily insight on entrance pages, content traffic, and visitor data.

Design SEO Hosting is providing hosting for this website, as well as performing daily backups for the website content.