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You can spend thousands of dollars to have someone build you a beautiful website, but there is no guarantee that anyone will come. Many web design companies are not SEO savvy. In order to get rankings and visbility on the web, you will be forced to spend hundreds and thousands on specific SEO services, on top of the money you already spent on web design and development.

At Design SEO Hosting, we include basic SEO services in all web development packages we offer. We believe that web development includes all parts of website creation – from design all the way to hosting. We design, construct, code and present your website so it is appealing to search engine spiders and web visitors. We specialize in SEO friendly web design utilizing WordPress as a Content Management System. We hold all the sites we create to a strict standard of aesthetics, visibility, readability and function.

If you already have a WordPress website, we also provide hourly SEO consulting and auditing for existing websites. We are able to tackle issues related to SEO myths, optimization strategies and address reasons why you may be seeing a decline in traffic. An audit is typically our first step in assessing and improving your site’s SEO. During an audit we will perform keyword research, examine the websites of your direct competition, review your site’s code, file-naming, structure, layout, user experience, content and other metrics. Once the research is completed, we will compile a report which will outline the best approach for improving your organic search rankings. From there you can determine how much (if any) assistance you need from us in implementing the suggested changes.